Emilio Camacho y sus Rumberos hosts

Representando SONMONTUNO-SALSA, y MUSICA AFRO-CUBANA lo cual hace un gran
conjunto de varios rimos conmucho sabor para bailar

Emilio Camacho, Congas
Johnny Salinas, Timbales
Oscar Rios, Bass
Dominic Mazzone, Bass
Frank Chang, Piano & Arranger
Gilbert Castellanos, trumpet
Lazardo Jesus Mondejar, vocals & lyrics

En EL CAMPO RUSE, 940 calle 16, centro San Diego (entre: La Broadway y calle E)
Fecha: Noviembre 2, 16, 30, Diciembre 14, 28, 1996
Horario: 10:00- 12:00 a.m., $5.00

Para mas informacion: (619) 702-2033
Personas de contacto: Gary (619) 702- 2030
Pager (760) 406- 2618
Nancy (760) 757-2213


10:00 PM to Midnight a live Afro-Cuban event Saturday Nights
Starting November 2 nd, 16 th & 30 th, $5.00
Direct from Cuba

Emilio Camacho (KING OF THE CONGAS)

Emilio Camacho who turned 30 years old, was born in the Bedado, cuidad Havana,
Cuba.His love for music comes from the crib. Emilio Camacho (KING OF THE CONGAS)
Emilio Camacho who turned 30 years old, was born in the Bedado, cuidad
Havana, Cuba. His love for music comes from the crib. He recalls his father Mario Camacho
grabbing his little hands and placing them on large cans of water, where he pounded to make
rhythm. At the age of 8 his mother Josepha Arteaga lead him to play percussion with an
old lady named Ana Caona, which many famous percussionist know who she was. From
there he joined the Dance Forclorica Tercer Mundo, he also played for
La Commpalza La Jardinera,one of Cuba’s most famous attraction for tourists.
Emilio played for countless religious gatherings, where he learned many beats and
rhythms. GUAGUANCO, is traditional in Cuba and was originated by laborers, that was
their past time during their breaks on the job. MACUTA is an African rhythm
modernized by Cubans,which is danced very intensely with couples. The RUMBA
transcends from the Solares of Havana and one day knocking on a door the rhythm
RUMBA was formed. EL PALO is one of Cuba’s most powerful religions.
It transcends from slavery times in Africa. ABACUA is played with a bongo
under the arm and two congas with beats against time, which only men dance to,
dressed in masks and bells on their waist. COMPALZA traditional transcends
from before Cuba became a communist country, It was played in Havana as well
as Santiago of Cuba. It’s composed of five congas, cow bells, frying pans,
car rims, bombo, revolantes, trumpets,and trombones which makes a great compalza
with a lot of rhythm and flavor for dancing. Emilio came to the U.S. as a
Balsero(rafter) where Guantanamo Bay became his home for one year. There
he formed a group called Salsa Herida along with his composer and lyricist,
El Barba. All their instruments were hand made. He also formed the Folorcorico
group. Emilio had the honor to have ARTURO SANDOVAL play with his group.
He also had the pleasure and honor to play with GLORIA ESTEFAN at one of
Guantanamo Bay’s concerts. Hoping and praying to reach his new home, THE UNITED
STATES OF AMERICA, to fulfill his life long dream, he is here! Emilio came to
San Diego where he began playing congas at Balboa Park with his new Puerto Rican
friends. He played with the group BARRACA at SAN DIEGO STATE UNIVERSITY and
in several clubs in San Diego’s North county. Since January of 1996 he has
performed for all BORICUAS UNIDO’S functions where they lovingly named him
“EL REY DE LAS CONGAS “ -”THE KING OF THE CONGAS”. He has taught percussion
in San Diego and has participated at THE CUBAN HOUSE in Ballboa Park. Emilio
met Nancy Vega, cousin of the one and only SALSERO TONY VEGA,which is now
his wife and manager. She inspires and motivates him to practice for endless hours
everyday with weights on his wrists in their studio at home. She says the more he
sweats the more he pounds away. His objective is to become successful in the music
industry and acquire millions of friends, that’s just the kind of person Emilio is.
Nancy says that with his love and burning desire for music we will see him at the
TOP. He also played with Ernie Becquer, the owner of THE LATIN BEAT which was
a positive climb up the ladder. Emilio thanks Ernie for taking an interest in him.
Emilio has performed for many Non-profit organizations such as, the CANCER SOCIETY
and also performed for U.S.M.C. at Camp Pendleton for their cultural day. Emilio
has formed a new group,”EMILIO CAMACHO,Y SUS RUMBEROS which is an assortment
of SONMONTUNO-SALSA, AFRO-CUBAN with other traditional rhythms. Emilio has
joined in with EL CAMPO RUSE,940 16th street, downtown San Diego,Between
Broadway & E street. For information call Gary at (619) 702-2030 or Nancy at
(619) 757-2213. Emilio teaches percussion,plays for private functions and also
plays for clubs. For further information call (619) 757-2213 or page us at
(619) 406-2618, please use 777 after your phone number. Emilio has taught
many children. Working with children is one of Emilio’s goals.

El Campo Ruse Look for special guest artists to be announced

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