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Daniel Jackson Master Classes

Workshop for Jazz Artists

El Campo Ruse in collaboration with the California Art Council is offering Jazz Workshops to adults ages 15 to 35 years of age. All classes will be taught by Saxophonist Daniel Jackson. This workshop is free and available musicians with instruments, who have had previous music experience and are interested in jazz. Registration is every Saturday from 12:00 P.M. till 4:00 P.M. At 94016 th Avenue, San Diego, CA in the Downtown area near City College.

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Daniel Jackson
Project Narrative

1. Artist's Statement

The object of this project is to provide a means of communication through music that cannot be found in other avenues and to improve and enrich the community of budding artists.

I have developed my musical concepts from the late 1950's to the present having the opportunity to develop my instrumental and compositional skills through working with many acclaimed Jazz Artists. Presently my music is not exclusively Jazz but is incorporating more flexibility and expanding into new musical forms.

Although I have worked in clubs extensively in my career, my main emphasis has been on organizing creative community based ensembles with a social , spiritual as well as musical message. I feel my duty now is to the community.

I want to be able to work with young artists to personally communicate my artistic tradition and to be able to structure a learning environment that provides optimum creative stimulation. I want to teach not only the music but the spiritual aspect of the music, what the music is really about.

2. Sponsor Organization Statement

The Bear State Theatre / RUSE Performance Gallery provides multi-disciplinary arts program workshops and performances stemming from these workshops in Spoken Word, New music composition and Theatre. Our programs include Ruse ensemble Orchestra, Native Tongues emerging poets Series, Taco Shop Poets, San Diego All-City Free Shakespeare Festival, and RuseVisual Site Exhibitions.

Daniel Jackson's "Jazz Skills" Master Classes will develop continuing education of existing skills among under served artists in the Southeast San Diego Region serving Black and Latino communities. Local community involvement of this residency will impact all three sites in creating expanding opportunities for new programming levels of services from these existing community centers. The individual sites have committed to contact and promote these classes at High Schools, Churches, and other community programs in this region of San Diego. The Sites are The Boys and Girls Club of Southeast San Diego, The Community Actors Theatre of Southeast San Diego, and The El Campo Ruse Workshop facility in Downtown San Diego at the re-inCarnation Arts Center.

3. Project Description

The project is designed to create a group of young Jazz Artists who will have a positive impact on their community through this experience. The participants will learn basics of Improvisation, Composition, Business of Music and History and Philosophy of music. They will learn through a hands on technique which will involve students solving musical challenges. Weekly activities will include Composition class, History and Philosophy class which will also include improvisational practice, and a peer critique of student compositions. Each session will include lecture, review, new assignments and playing experiences. The sites will be used for performance and classes as well as a center for greater community involvement.

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